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Oct. 14th, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

(no subject)

So much to do between now and leaving for tour.

Mostly want to crawl into a hole and make everyone else go away. Possibly also cry. 

Feeling overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, and physically. I don't have enough brainspace to deal with all of these issues, but all of these issues must be dealt with. I need an external hard drive, somehow.

Aug. 5th, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

This exists.

Holy sweet crap. I'm not saying my riding instructors were awesome, but every single coach I ever had would have hauled this girl off of her pony, smacked her a few times, and then forbidden her from ever riding again if they had seen this kind of behavior.

My biggest question is, who the hell thinks that they should post this video to the interwebs? Who the hell looks and this and goes "yes, I'm super proud of how I'm acting here! Everyone should see!"


Jun. 14th, 2012


(no subject)

The bad_riding community on LJ has been extremely educational. Understand, the people I rode with were, by and large, pretty sane. A lot of them were stuck-up brats, and they weren't all stellar riders, but for the most part, people didn't do things that were monumentally stupid, and mostly worked with trainers when trying new things/dealing with green horses. This, apparently, is not the norm, at least according to youtube. Let's jump in, shall we?

-Helmets are, apparently, totally optional! Whether you're just hacking out, or whether you're trying to jump your mule over another mule (it exists on video), helmets are totally just a suggestion. (this applies also to footwear, pants, and proper tack)
-The ability to successfully get yourself and your horse over any conglomeration of sticks, milk crates, rocks, and fencing material in your back yard totally makes you a badass grand prix jumper! You should post video montages of it all the time, and scoff at anyone who suggests that you maybe learn what "two point position" is before trying to run your 4-year-old gelding at a 3 foot fence. Barbed wire makes a great oxer, btw!
-Horses are jungle gyms. Climb all over them. Take a running jump onto their kidneys! Try vaulting tricks for the first time in the middle of a field without even a halter on! And, of course, helmets will just get in the way.
-Remember; it is never ever your fault when you fall off! Your horse is always just having a bad day. Your fall totally wasn't because you slam up onto his neck after every jump, nor was it because your seat is basically nonexistant at the canter. Your horse's bucking is totally because she's crazy, not because you're bending her sideways the wrong way around the turns and yanking her in the face over every jump. Again, post many videos of this to illustrate how crazy your horse is and what a saint you are for putting up with it.
-Dressage = bouncing around in a reeeaaaally slow sitting trot, balancing on your hands. That is exactly the same as a passage, guys. Bonus points if your hands are solidified into place- holding your mount's head completely static regardless of its position is "keeping him in a frame."
-On the other end of the spectrum; for an extended walk, or for any hunter/pleasure class ever, the proper place for your hands is somewhere between your crotch and your knees.
-Rearing is a neat trick, you should teach your horse to do it all the time. Also, tying his legs up to trip him into "laying down" so you can sit on him isn't mean or potentially injurious at all, but is actually a fun party game.
-When in doubt, giggle, scream, yell, or squeal. Horses love loud, sudden noises!

May. 8th, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

(no subject)

I think my brain is going to explode.

If my heart doesn't go first.

Apr. 24th, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

(no subject)

Every once in awhile, I revisit the horse-related corner of the internet, and two things happen: (1) I thank my lucky stars I didn't have more horrific accidents during my prelim-level eventing days, and (2) I find a new and horrifying form of animal abuse.

Today, I learned about the practice of soring at Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horse shows, in which corrosive chemicals, heavy chains, and horrifying shoes that gouge into the sensitive part of the hoof are applied to horses' forelegs. The resulting excruciating pain causes the horses to lift their forelegs very high and very quickly, and to shift their weight onto their back legs 'till they look like german shepherds. Because that unnaturally exaggerated gait gets the blue ribbon.

I also learned about horse tripping events in charreadas, or mexican rodeos, in which horses are forced to gallop full-tilt into lassos that loop around their legs, flinging them into the ground, where they usually sustain injuries to legs, faces, backs, and necks. The ropes frequently cut through skin and flesh to the bone. If they can still walk, they're put through this over and over in the same day until they're severely lamed. Afterwards, they're sold to slaughterhouses. Because it's apparently fun to watch, and because it's extra macho to bring down a 1200 pound animal.

Wooooo humanity is super fucked up. I'm going to bed.

Apr. 18th, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

(no subject)

How do you get over someone? How do you get over seeing them with the person who's relationship broke your relationship? It's been six months, and it's loads better, but it still kills me a little inside to see them together. And that makes me feel like a horrible person. I'm going to D(whatever number this is) this weekend and I'm seriously weirded out about seeing them there. It will seriously cramp my ability to get relaxed and mildly sexy if they're in the room.

I haven't really told him the reasons I'm angry at him. I definitely did some preemptive removing of myself from that situation because I didn't feel like venting on him right after breaking up with him was a good idea. Maybe I should rethink that strategy.

It makes me so angry to see him with two partners when I have none. And, again, thinking that makes me feel like an absolutely horrible person, because WOW that's fucked up.

Feb. 3rd, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

Holy awesome, batman!

Between open studios, regular classes, and intermittent workshops, we have between 22 and 25 classes at Esh each week. Taught by four people. That's not including our weekly private lessons, residency training times that we run for advanced students/professional performers, and, oh yes, our *own* training times.

Also we need a bigger space.

Also these are all awesome problems to have.

So yeah. Come learn circus arts from four of the best and hardest-working acrobats in Boston! New session starts February 27th. Calendar is here.

Aerials classes, partner acro classes, handbalancing classes, circus workouts, Spanish web workshops, movement technique workshops, duo trap workshops, choreography workshops... and we're bringing one or both of the Twins from NECCA (yes, Elsie and/or Serenity) down sometime soon too!

And and and three of my people are applying to NECCA intensive/protrack this year. I'm so proud of my circus grasshoppers!

Jan. 22nd, 2012

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

(no subject)

WOW. Thought I was over things. Then he showed up at the party where I was wearing nearly nothing, and I discovered that I'm not even a little bit over it. Which is why I'm at home with whiskey and Downton Abbey while the awesome party is still ostensibly going on. Wheeeee emotions are fun.

Nov. 29th, 2011

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

Things what are comforting

I hate being confronted with the awful apathy and demotivation of depression; I feel useless and weak. It is important to me to recognize that, while I am incapable of doing most normal chores and activities while depressed, I am capable of directing time and energy towards the things that will ultimately get me out of depression: finding therapists, asking for help, going to yoga. I need to constantly remind myself of this, at those times when I'm disgusted at how ineffective and slothlike I've become; I am actually quite good at rallying the reserve energy for the shit that really matters for survival.

And because of that, I will ultimately be fine. Must. Remember. That.

Nov. 28th, 2011

aerials, lyra, hoop, circus

Talking cure

I know I've asked this in the past, but I am finally in a place financially to actually follow up:

Do you have a therapist you like? I'd prefer someone female, but am totally willing to go to a dude if they come highly recommended enough. If they take blue cross/blue shield, so much the better.

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